St. Luke’s Chapel is the heart of the college and the core of our common life. In our weekly schedule of services, college students deepen their own life of prayer and continue to grow as worship leaders.

Service schedule (during term time):

  • Morning Prayer: Tuesday to Thursday, 8am 
  • Evening Prayer: Monday to Wednesday, 4.30pm 
  • Community Worship: Wednesday, 11.40am (followed by lunch), 1st and 3rd Fridays, 7.30am (followed by breakfast)

(During the 2021-2022 Academic Year, the Daily Office is said in St. Luke’s Chapel. To respect physical distancing guidelines, the Wednesday Community Eucharist will not be held in the chapel. If you wish to attend, please contact us for the location.)

The college expects that all students preparing for Christian ministry will have a life of prayer during their time as a student and that that life of prayer will be centred, in some fashion, on St. Luke’s Chapel. The form that takes will vary from student to student as we seek to adopt an ancient rhythm of prayer to the realities of modern living, commuting, class schedules, and family life. It is generally expected that students will attend at least one service of the Daily Office every day they are on campus.

Attendance at the two weekly community Eucharists is normative for members of the community. These are an opportunity to break bread both at the altar and around the community table and deepen our relationships with one another before Christ. As we welcome guest celebrants and preachers, they are also an opportunity to learn from the preaching and presiding style of a diversity of clergy.

Students are invited into leadership roles almost from the moment of their arrival. The college expects students to take their place on the chapel rota, officiating at the Daily Office and serving at Eucharist. Additionally, all students are invited to join the preaching rota for Friday Eucharists in the winter term and senior students are invited to preach at a Wednesday Eucharist.