The college welcomes applications from students who have begun theological study at other institutions but have not yet graduated. Different programs have different regulations regarding transferring credit:

Master of Divinity

Of the 90 credits of the Master of Divinity program, at least 54 must be done in the Montreal School of Theology, meaning students can transfer up to 36 credits from another institution. In general, this requirement is understood to mean that students will complete the In Ministry Year and some further portion of academic study at the Montreal School of Theology and McGill University.

Bachelor of Theology

Students in the 90- or 120-credit program may transfer up to 30 credits into the program at McGill. No transfer credit is permitted for students in the 60-credit program.

Reading and Tutorial Program

Transfer credit into the Reading and Tutorial program is assessed on an individual basis. In general, the college counts each unit of the program as equivalent to a 3-credit course completed at another institution. Students may receive transfer credit for no more than 5 Reading and Tutorial units.

Please contact us if you have further questions about transferring credit.