Certificate in Bilingual Ministry

For fluent English speakers seeking to engage with, lead, and participate comfortably and proficiently in French or bilingual ministry and spiritual care settings.

The Certificate in Bilingual ministry is a flexible program. Students study at their own pace and complete the program when their level of french is advanced enough to complete the one-week French for Ministry intensive and final evaluation. This program will prepare you to do the following in French:

  • Express yourself with confidence in one-on-one and public ministry or spiritual care settings.
  • Access the necessary vocabulary to lead worship and preach.
  • Write adapt and compose prayers and theological reflections.
  • Demonstrate active listening in pastoral encounters and respond appropriately.

More Information About the Certificate in Bilingual Ministry

The certificate in bilingual ministry attests to the recipient’s proficiency in exercising pastoral ministry in both English and French. The criteria for obtaining the Certificate in Bilingual Ministry are linguistic rather than theological or pastoral. Previous theological education is not a prerequisite to the program. Assessment is based on the ability to use the second language in various pastoral contexts. The certificate may be completed as part of another academic program at the college such as the Master of Divinity, or it may be completed as a stand-alone award. At the present time, the Certificate in Bilingual Ministry program as a stand-alone award is designed for those who speak English fluently to demonstrate and attest to their competency in French. However, Francophone students enrolled in degree programs at the college may be awarded the Certificate in Bilingual Ministry after successful completion of the In Ministry Year and other such requirements as the college may establish.

Program Details

When a student applies for the Certificate, they are evaluated by a French as a second language (FSL) teacher to determine their level of French. On the basis of this evaluation, the FSL teacher will make recommendations for further study of the French language and possible courses to pursue this study. Resources to learn the specific terminology for ministry will be provided. Students pursue these studies on their own time and return for an evaluation at a later date to see if they are making progress toward completing the learning outcomes described below. All students in the Certificate in Bilingual Ministry will enroll in the French for Ministry week-long intensive offered each year by the college once they have achieved an intermediate level of French (proficiency Level B on the scale used by the federal government). This course will be offered in person in Montreal. The FSL teacher (or instructor for the intensive) will establish minimum competencies in French to be admitted to the course and ensure all students meet those competencies.

Obtaining the Certificate

  • Oral assessment conducted by the FSL teacher indicating they meet the oral competencies set out by the program.
  • Written assessment conducted by the FSL teacher.
  • Completion of the French for Ministry intensive course offered each year by the college.
  • Completion/submission of the following assignments
    • 1 page theological or pastoral reflection in French
    • Prayers in French for use in a pastoral context
    • Role play of a pastoral care situation in French
    • Lead a 10-minute workshop on a theme of their choice, followed by a facilitated discussion in French about the topic
  • Understand and maintain a conversation in French at a normal pace;
  • Master the usual tenses of the present, past and future;
  • Read a text out loud intelligibly (i.e. that may include several errors of pronunciation, but which does not interfere with understanding);
  • Formulate hypotheses with if;
  • Use the subjunctive of the most common verbs (to have, to be, to do, etc.);
  • Write complex sentences with a few common linking words that can integrate formulations borrowed from spoken conversation and some forms specific to the written word;
  • Use a varied vocabulary related to pastoral ministry.


  • Active or anticipated engagement with a French or bilingual ministry context
  • Or; have been admitted to a degree program at the college
Application Requirements
  • Complete online application form
  • Evaluation by an FSL teacher to determine your level of French (involves a written test and an oral assessment conducted in-person or over Zoom)
  • Enrolment in the French for Ministry intensive offered each year by the college (this course is offered in-person in Montreal) Entry into the French for Ministry intensive course is contingent on achieving an intermediate level in French (proficiency Level B on the scale used by the federal government).
  • Application and Evaluation: $150
  • French for Ministry Intensive Course: $500
  • Final Evaluation and Completion: $150


This program is for anyone working in French or bilingual ministry or spiritual care settings who feel they would benefit from a ministry-specific knowledge of French. This includes clergy, chaplains and other spiritual care providers, church administrators, youth leaders, or anyone else who wants to focus specifically on French for ministry settings. It’s also designed for college students enrolled in one of our degree programs who wish to add this certificate to their program of study. 

In order to complete the program you must attend a one week French for ministry intensive course that will take place in Montreal and is often taught in May. Certain students may need to take additional French courses to improve their general language ability. These can be done at institutions close to your home or online. All other aspects of the course can be completed remotely.

The program is designed to cover a broad range of terminology one might encounter across pastoral settings and can be shaped to fit the specific needs of the student, though is primarily intended for those who intend to minister in Protestant settings.  

Entry into the French for Ministry intensive course is contingent on achieving an intermediate level in French (proficiency Level B on the scale used by the federal government). Potential students will be evaluated on their French competency. Those testing at a beginner level will be given the necessary tools to achieve an intermediate level before taking the week-long intensive.

It depends on the student. Participants in the program proceed at their own pace. Depending on their level of French, the student may need more or less time before they can attend the French for ministry intensive, and before they are able to get a satisfactory mark on the final evaluation.