Christian Theories of Justice

Online course: Wednesdays, 6.15pm to 9pm, January 16 to April 17

Students must have reliable Internet access to participate in the class.

What is justice?  What is mercy?  How do Christians make sense of the social and political problems of the day? This course explores these questions through a survey of major theories of justice from both philosophical and theological perspectives. Topics include liberal, libertarian, communitarian, feminist, and liberationist theories in conversation with Roman Catholic, Anglican, and Protestant approaches as well as theologies of restorative justice, including indigenous and womanist approaches. Current social issues will be discussed in order to make both practical use of the varied approaches to justice and to critically examine the limits and possibilities of the different theories.  Social issues to be examined include: colonialism’s legacies, racisms, gender and sexual diversity, poverty and the market, war and nonviolence, and climate change. At the end of this course, students will be familiar with a spectrum of theories of justice and will be able to articulate their own theologically and philosophically based theory of justice as applied to a single current social issue.

About the instructor: Dr. Jason Crawford has a Ph.D. in religion and society from Concordia University. He currently teaches in the humanities department at Champlain College in Quebec and is an active member of Epiphany Anglican Church in Verdun.

Cost: $300 | $380 | $490

Congregational Leadership

4-day intensive in Montreal: Monday, January 14 to Thursday, January 17, 2019

Leadership in congregations is one of the most pressing needs of the church. This course provides students with lenses to study their congregations, explores various models of leadership, and encourages students to think about the ways Christian leadershipdiffers from other models in society.

About the instructor: The Rev. Dr. Dale Woods is principal of Presbyterian College and founder of the College’s Leadership Centre. He consults and speaks widely about leadership, congregational change, and revitalization.

Cost: $300 | $380 | $490

Debating Mission, Marriage, and the Eucharist in the Anglican Communion

4-day intensive in Montreal: Monday, January 28 to Thursday, January 31, 2019

Fifty years ago, Anglican worship centred on Morning Prayer, priests were male, marriages were only between a man and a woman, and the word mission was hardly used. In Anglican churches today, worship centres on the Eucharist, the church ordains women and men, some churches marry couples of the same sex, and the word mission is in widespread use. Drawing on Anglican and ecumenical authors from around the world, this course introduces students to the history and theology that lies behind these changes. Students will be enabled to make critical judgements about the recent evolution of Anglicanism and think in new ways about the future directions of the Anglican churches.

About the instructor:

The Rev. Dr. Jesse Zink is principal of Montreal Diocesan Theological College. He has traveled and written widely about Anglican history and theology, including his book Backpacking through the Anglican Communion: A Search for Unity.

Cost: $300 | $380 | $490

Leading a Journey into Luke: A Training Day

1-day workshop, Saturday, February 2, 2019

Studying the Bible builds a culture of discipleship, promotes greater engagement with the Christian faith, and offers leadership roles to lay members of congregations. This training day gives people the confidence and curriculum necessary to lead a 5-week Bible study on the Gospel of Luke, the centrepiece of the lectionary for the current year. Participants will leave with skills and a specially-designed curriculum for facilitating a Bible study on Luke, whether during Lent or at some other time during the year.

About the instructor:

The Rev. Dr. Jesse Zink is principal of Montreal Diocesan Theological College. He has traveled and written widely about Anglican history and theology, including his book Backpacking through the Anglican Communion: A Search for Unity.

Cost: $50 | $25 for members of the College’s Corporation or for the second or subsequent person to attend from the same congregation.

Deadline for registrations: Monday, January 28.

Transforming Conflict

1-day workshop, Friday, February 15, 2019

Conflict in churches can be debilitating and destructive, weakening the witness and mission of Christian communities. This interactive workshop invites participants to consider what leads to conflict and also learn more about factors that assist conflict resolution and transformation. Drawing on conversation, exercises, and practical tools and skills, the workshop will help those involved in ministry address conflict in healthy and productive ways. The workshop sessions will be oriented toward a deep knowledge of what makes a congregation healthy, leadership in conflictual settings, and how to teach and embody a spirit of positive regard and respect that is rooted in prayerful presence and a desire to seek the deeper wisdom emerging in conversation. This workshop is open to all people in churches who encounter conflict and are seeking Christ-centred ways to transform their congregations and grow in grace.

About the instructor:

Marg Van Herk-Paradis is Vice President of Services and a Senior Conflict Management Consultant, with Credence and Company.

Cost: $65 | $45 (youth) + $15 lunch

General information

Credit: The courses may be taken for credit or audited. Introduction to the Hebrew Bible and Christian Theories of Justice can be offered towards the Certificate in Theology from the Montreal School of Theology. Christian Mission, Congregational Leadership, and Debating Mission, Marriage, and the Eucharist in the Anglican Communion may be offered towards the Diploma in Ministry from Montreal Dio. Letters certifying attendance at these classes can also be provided for those seeking continual ministerial education credit.

Admissions: These courses are open to students with an undergraduate degree (in any subject) or equivalent. They are suitable for people engaged in lay or ordained ministry, those preparing for ministry, or those looking for continuing ministerial education. Please contact the college if you have any questions about whether you are eligible to apply.

Accommodation in Montreal for intensive courses: Please contact the college for information on reduced cost accommodation in Montreal during the intensive courses (September and January).

Application and registration: To apply for any of these courses, please contact Beth Reed ( or 514.849.3004 x221) who can assist you in the next steps of the process. Once the application process and registration are complete, students will receive more information about the course including readings and assignments.

For more information, including application and registration, please contact the college: 514.849.3004 x221 and