The Centre for Lay Education organizes and promotes learning opportunities for Christians and faith partners in Montreal.

Programs like Education for Ministry (EFM)a four year program of theological education, are coordinated through the Centre.

Our Resource Centre located at the Montreal Diocesan Theological College contains DVDs, books, and magazines that will educate, inform, and enrich those interested in expanding their knowledge and practice of spirituality, theology, biblical literacy, expressions of church, and more.  You may borrow items free of charge from the Resource Centre.  We ask that items be returned within one month.

There are classes that take place at the Diocesan College througout the year.  In the past we have covered topics such as: the Psalms, Old Testament, the Anglican Communion, Human Sexuality, Subversive Orthodoxy, the Reformation, Faith and Reason, Liturgy, Singing the Faith, and Liberation Theologies.

The Centre is pleased to offer an e-newsletter to inform readers of educational events happening in and around the diocese.  It is also the place where new resources are highlighted. Electronic copies are available here. If anyone has an educational event they would like advertised through the Centre, has an interesting link to pass on, or would like to subscribe to the e-newsletter, please contact the Director.