Acting Principal’s Message, Summer 2016

Dear friends,

With the new term upon us in a few short weeks, it is time to give an update on the college. If you have not yet heard the news, late in the spring of this year, our previous principal resigned, and shortly after the College Board of Governors named me acting principal. It is the intention of the Board that a new principal be hired for the 2017-18 school year. With that in mind, it did not take long for a search committee to be formed, and so with an updated job description posted, and several new contacts having been made, we are optimistic, and awaiting applications. Despite what was initially a worrying prospect, we have come to see that the future looks quite positive, and we continue to trust that God is at work renewing His church, and calling out new leaders for this task. Diocesan College is alive and well, and eager to continue serving the people of God.

In the meantime, as the former Director of Studies and now Acting Principal, I bring ten years of parish ministry and three years of teaching experience at the college to my work here, and I am determined to make this time of transition as smooth as possible for all the students who will be here shortly, and who will spend the year with us. I feel well equipped and well supported for the job, and the rest of the Dio team shares my enthusiasm. Our emphasis remains on building a strong community grounded in study and prayer, and to this end, we are thankful for all the resources that remain at our disposal, as well as our ecumenical colleagues, who provide a lively community of mutual encouragement.

We have also been extremely fortunate to have been able to take on The Rev. Dr. Neil Mancor as a half time Interim Director of Studies, who will oversee the final year students in their In Ministry Year, and assist in the Anglican Studies program for the first and second year students. Neil brings to the college a wealth of experience in parish life, which he will be able to share with our students, and a strong academic background in Medieval Theology and history. He will be a wonderful addition to the team, taking his place in the leading of worship and community building. He will also lead the retreat in September, introducing our students to the concept of “Godly Play”. Welcome aboard Neil!

We look forward to the year ahead giving thanks for the way God continues to bless us. As the term draws near, consider dropping by for our mid-week Eucharist at 11:40AM on Wednesdays. The community lunch follows, and there is always an extra chair to pull around the table. We would love to catch up with what God is doing in your life, and you can discover the riches of the Dio community first hand.

The Rev. Dr. Karen L. Egan
Acting Principal

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