Building a Creative Learning Community

This article was written by college Principal Jesse Zink and originally appeared in the March 2018 edition of the Anglican Montreal

I would be the first person to acknowledge that discussions of organizational structure do not exactly stir tremendous excitement. But stay with me.

Last autumn, after a long period of consultation the corporation of Montreal Diocesan Theological College approved a new constitution for the college. Rather than the earlier, rather cumbersome structure which had both a corporation and a Board of Governors, the new constitution empowers a new Board of Governors with virtually all the work of college governance. As the college continues to chart its course through the uncertain terrain of theological education in the 21st century, the corporation felt it was important to ensure there was a strong board for the task.

The corporation of the College continues to exist—but in a different, and I think much more exciting, form. Membership in the corporation is now open to all who wish to join. In return, members of the corporation have the right and responsibility of electing the Board of Governors. More significantly, they become members of the creative learning community at the college. Membership brings with it invitations to special events at the college and around the diocese that help them deepen their faith and reflect on how we proclaim the gospel in our contemporary world. Our first such event for corporation members will be a special afternoon question-and-answer session with the Most Rev. Fred Hiltz, primate of Canada, on Monday, May 7, 2018 at St. George’s Place du Canada. We’re already at work on the schedule of events for next autumn.

In a sense, the new corporation formalizes something I firmly believe: having a theological college in a diocese is important not just for the new priests the college trains but for the way the energy and activity of the college spill over and enrich Christians nearby. It’s a way for us to share more broadly our education and formation with Christians who want to learn more about their faith. I’ve already learned how much goodwill there is toward the college around the diocese. The new corporation allows us to give something back in return for all that goodwill.

Individual memberships in the new corporation cost $30 per year. We also encourage organizations to join the corporation for $100 per year. Organizations include congregations, ACWs, and really any other place where Christians gather and are interested in taking the next step in their journey of faith. More information on the event with Fred Hiltz, how to join the corporation, and what’s going on at the College is available on our website at or by calling us at 514.849.3004 (ext.221).

I give thanks every day for the students and staff at the college and for the energy and enthusiasm they have for the church and its future. I hope you’ll join us for a service of Evensong on Sunday, 15 April 2018 at 4pm at Christ Church Cathedral as we celebrate the many forms of new ministry at the college, including the launch of the new corporation and Board and my own ministry as principal.

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