Finding Hope, Faith, and Truth at Montreal Dio

Randy Gates graduates from the Education for Ministry program in May 2018

Randy Gates, Reading & Tutorial student and college donor, writes:

Why am I involved with and support Montreal Dio?

The answer to that would be three words.

Hope, Faith and Truth.

From my perspective this is what the college represents and makes readily available to those who seek to enrich their lives and the lives of others through their faith.

If we look around as to what is happening in today’s society both locally and internationally, I believe that now more than ever we are in need of sources of spiritual inspiration, knowledge and community; and Montreal Dio offers us that and so much more.

I believe that among other things the college is succeeding in being a source of Hope, Faith and Truth in these very challenging and ever changing times.

Be it through a structured curriculum for individuals who are on their paths to answer their calls to ordination – or through one of the many educational opportunities that are offered to laypeople that are following their own spiritual journeys.

I also believe that through the college, congregations and communities will benefit from the presence, interactions and guidance of present students, graduates and of course all levels of faculty and administration.

Through the various learning opportunities and the doors that the College has opened for me I have had the chance to be a part of a diverse and enriching spiritual community that has encouraged and guided me on my own path in developing, growing and sharing my true and personal relationship with God.

As we in society continue searching for an oasis of attainable spiritual growth, calm and peace in these challenging times, Montreal Dio and its community members are answering their call to mission. And this mission is why I choose to stay involved with and contribute financially to the college.

May God grant our college community the strength, wisdom and support to continue for many years to come.

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