Montreal Dio Convocation 2019

On Monday, May 6, the Montreal Dio community celebrated the accomplishments of the graduating class during the annual Choral Evensong and Convocation service, which took place at St. George’s Church in downtown Montreal.

The college awarded Master of Divinity degrees to Tyson Røsberg and Scott Potter, and a Licenciate in Theology to Geert-Jan Boudewijnse. Honorary doctorates were awarded to the Rt. Rev. Mary Irwin-Gibson and the Rt. Rev. Bruce Myers, bishops of Montreal and Quebec respectively, marking the first time that bishops of both dioceses have been graduates of Montreal Dio.

Attendees were treated to a Convocation address by Melanie Delva, reconciliation animator for the Anglican Church of Canada, who highlighted how each graduate has been called to do the work of reconciliation in their own unique way. Earlier in the afternoon, Ms. Delva gave a talk to Montreal Dio Corporation members and the wider community on the topic of reconciliation as a spiritual practice.

Five graduates of the Education for Ministry program in the Diocese of Montreal were also recognized: Gail Booth, Sandra Fortier, Valerie Horne-Godue, Lucie Langlois, and Cynthia Pagé.

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