The Montreal Mission Internship: Forming young leaders for the church and world

This summer, Montreal Dio and its ecumenical partners are relaunching the Montreal Mission Internship: a nine-week paid internship for 18- to 25-year-olds that will enable participants to put their faith into action and discern their Christian vocation in our changing world. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has been challenging for many young people, disrupting their education and social life. These last two years have also made clear the scope of the challenges that we face as a society. Climate change. Homelessness. Reconciliation. Racial justice. Food security. Migration. This is the world that young people are coming of age in and the one they will inherit.  

Young people emerging into adulthood at this moment are both driven by a desire to build a just society but also searching for ways to make meaningful change that aligns with their vision and values. There are many young people who have a sense of what the church would call vocation but lack the opportunity to develop this call in the context of a supportive community of peers.  

Each participant in MMI will be placed in a position at one of the many faith-based service organizations in the city. This work could be in relation to social issues such as homelessness, food insecurity, migration, or whatever is of particular interest to the participant. Every week, the interns will meet as a group for learning, reflection, and community support, facilitated by the program’s director, MST faculty, and other guests. We’ll also work to connect these participants with church communities and encourage them to develop leadership skills in the church. To make this program as accessible as possible to students from as many backgrounds as possible, this will be a paid internship position, with a stipend of up to $5000 for the nine-week program. We don’t want financial constraints to be an obstacle to participation.   

This program takes what we know about theological reflection and discernment and extends and adapts it for young people who are not necessarily considering Christian ministry but have a strong sense of service in the world. By providing opportunities for participants to engage in meaningful work in relation to an area of deep concern for them and do so within a community of peers, we believe that we can help participants begin to express Christian vocation at a crucial time in their lives. 

We’re able to relaunch MMI this summer thanks to the recent grant we received from the Lilly Endowment, as well as additional funding from the Anglican Foundation of Canada’s Say Yes to Kids Initiative.  

You can learn more about the program on its dedicated website: We also have printed publicity material and we would be happy to send it to you—just let us know and we’ll put it in the mail.  

We are excited to be relaunching this program and provide this opportunity for more young adults to find their calling as they emerge into adulthood as people of faith in a changing and challenging world.