Why I Am a Member

Rhonda Waters is a college alumna (M.Div. ’11) and current college Board member. Presently, Rhonda is the Incumbent at the Church of the Ascension in the diocese of Ottawa. She writes:

“Growing in God’s redeeming power, Dio is a creative learning community forming leaders for God’s mission.”

So proclaims Dio’s vision statement – a bold claim about who we are. Dio is a community, not a school or a place or an institution but a community. And not just any community but a learning community, where God is both our means and our ends.

Over the past ten years, I have been privileged to be a member of this learning community as a student, a chaplain, a teacher, and, now, as a board member. Each role has offered new opportunities for growth, new insights into what it means to be a follower of Jesus and a leader for God’s mission. I am excited at the thought of inviting more people into this experience – and I am not simply talking about student recruitment.

The same process that produced Dio’s vision statement in December 2014 also called for a renewed constitution and governance structure to better support Dio’s mission. This new structure emphasizes the importance of community by introducing the category of membership, inviting all who wish to engage in the work and life of Dio to do so. Members have the right and responsibility to elect the Board of Governors and to provide oversight of finances and major developments at the Annual General Meeting. But membership is not just about governance; membership is about being part of a creative learning community. There will be opportunities for prayer, study, and fellowship. There will be opportunities to get involved in supporting the ministry of theological education so that our church is well-equipped with leaders, both lay and ordained, for generations to come.

Dio truly is growing in God’s redeeming power and it is such a joy to be part of it. I am confident that our new constitution will serve us well as we continue to form leaders for God’s mission. But it can’t happen without members who are willing to contribute time, money, and enthusiasm to this important work. Keep an eye out for your invitation to become a member – I hope you will join me in becoming part of this wonderful, creative learning community.

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