Why I Give: Shirley Newell

“Over my ninety odd years I have been gifted in many ways: kind and caring teachers; family members who supported me in my education. My faith has also been a great gift. It began at St. Peter’s Church, in Cobourg, Ontario and has taken me through the dark patches in life as well as the sunny ones.  For four years, I served as a volunteer in mission in mainland China and tried to live my faith in that community without proselytizing. I’ve lived and worked in other countries and those experiences have been great gifts to my faith.

When I moved to Montreal in 1997 I was looking for more than the bazaars and church suppers as a way to serve. I wanted something more for my mind and heart and spiritual growth. In time, I found that in Education for Ministry program offered at Dio. Here were a very diverse group of people all with a similar goal of making our faith live in the world. The readings, the discussions, and the mutual caring were a real shot in the arm for me and my faith. Around the same time, my son-in-law, Robert Bergner became a lay reader and then felt called to ordained ministry at Dio. Through his time at the school, I came to greater awareness of the value of what the college offers to its students and through them to the church.

I give to the college because I want to pass on to students the opportunity to share the faith that has supported me. With a heart full of gratitude, I support the college so that the students and the college community can listen for God’s guidance in all that they do in this world.

Congratulations to all the students who have embarked on this demanding but rewarding profession.”

– Shirley Newell

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